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I did not sleep well last night, and this morning my eyes felt gritty and tired and my feet felt like lead. This is a necessary part of the story I am about to tell, which is mostly about how I am an idiot.

I dragged myself out of bed at the appropriate time. I put on clean clothes and deodorant. I ate breakfast, fed the cats, watered the plants, and brushed my teeth. Then I walked to the Metro. The first train to arrive was crowded, but I looked at the time on my phone and decided to take it to Grosvenor, there to change to a less crowded train. I did so. I sat in a nice seat, put my phone on my lap so that I could check the time without moving much, and promptly fell asleep.

I woke up just before my station, grabbed my work bag and my purse, and got out of the train. No sooner had I left the train than I realized that I had left my phone, which had been in my lap. Cursing my idiocy, I went to the station manager, who gave me Metro's standard "check with us in 5-7 business days" form. I asked if he could just call ahead and have someone take a look in the car; he said, "No, I can't. I'm doing all I can." That upset me further, since it was patently untrue. (For the record, I've had a station manager call ahead and retrieve my book before now; why not a phone, given a full description?)

All day long I have been upset about this. It's not just the phone... it's the other things. [ profile] papertigers got me this phone for our anniversary. It has a special ring tone for her calls. It has all my phone numbers in it. She got me a special chip and a USB cord and headphones suited to my phone's unique ports, all so that I could use my phone as an MP3 player. I had only just begun to do so. It's an expensive phone. It has a full keyboard. It's the nicest thing of its kind I've ever owned. I feel incredibly stupid for leaving it like that. It's also my only link to potential jobs (though I think I can check my voicemail from other phones, thank God).

Sometimes I am just not the brightest or the best.
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