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Not last night, but the night before...

No, twenty-four robbers did not come knocking on my door. Instead, I had a very odd dream. Apparently, our Congressional Representative (which in my dream was not Chris Van Hollen, and I wish it weren't in real life, but hey) had to quit on short notice due to some kind of health problem. The local Democratic committee decided (why?) to run me. They told me on the day of the Special Election. I won.

As it turns out, Congressional Representatives live in circumstances similar to summer camp: a huge tent filled with bunk beds. The other women and I were complaining about how the men got a hot tub and we didn't. Still, we were comfortable enough, and all our dinners were paid for - dinners out at nice restaurants in the DC area. There were perks.

I was pretty sure my time in this little club was limited, and I was worried about the stability of my family life if I stayed in Congress, so I decided to focus on just one issue, and struggled between international conflicts and LGBT rights. Apparently, I chose LGBT rights, because my first speech on the floor of the House began, "My name is J_______ P_______, and I am here to recruit you." (I may have given the entire hope speech - not sure.)

Then my (current) boss came marching up to me in Congressional group housing and started yelling at me about how I didn't call to tell her I wouldn't be coming in, and she had to figure out where I was from the news.

I went in to work yesterday feeling oddly guilty.
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