Mar. 11th, 2010

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Last night's dream was particularly odd. I dreamed that [ profile] radicalphear was my sister (she's actually my cousin) and we shared a room. I had gotten undressed in order to put my pyjamas on without noticing that the curtain was open and there was a whole group of guys across the street watching and shouting lewd things. I was afraid, so I called out to my mother, who didn't want to be bothered with coming to my room. Instead, she picked up the phone and called... THE DYKE SQUAD.

In minutes, a woman arrived at my window. She asked what the problem was, magically took care of the scary men outside, comforted me because my mother couldn't be bothered, gave me Puerto Rican food (which I couldn't identify if you handed it to me), and promised to check in the next day. She was wearing a blue t-shirt marked "lesbian," which is apparently the Dyke Squad's uniform. I wanted to date her, but she ended up dating [ profile] radicalphear instead while I dealt with the demands of a spider queen who required human sacrifice to prevent her from killing me. [ profile] papertigers helped with this part (having magically appeared out of nothing at this point in the dream).

At some point, the Dyke Squad woman and [ profile] radicalphear were wandering around a cross between Paris and Venice (Italy) - basically, Paris with canals - and called [ profile] papertigers to ask if we would like ice cream and, if so, what kind. I said I wanted Coffee Heath Bar Crunch or any coffee-chocolate combination ice cream. [ profile] papertigers was odd about this and insisted that I "only wanted Ben & Jerry's" because I was so difficult. I kept saying, "Or anything coffee and chocolate flavored!" but she wasn't listening. In the meantime, we had to serve the spider queen and help J.G. (a foster father of mine) talk about the problems with the American grading system with Diane Rehm.

At the end of the dream, we all went to IHOP to get coffee, only to realize that it was only open from 8-10 a.m.

When I woke up and told [ profile] papertigers about the dream, she commented that we really need a Dyke Squad.


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