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Things I got with my $50 Amazon gift certificate:

Emmet, in celebration that Leo Politi is finally back in print

Ordinary Men, which was recommended to me

The Great Mortality

Going Nucular, which should be a fun read about English

and, of course, just so that [ profile] papertigers has the chance to tease me,

Pollyanna, on DVD.

I made a good-sized dent in my Amazon wish list and am very excited.
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We (the OCA) have a new Metropolitan. Hooooooraaaaaaay!!!!! Metropolitan Jonah, among other things, is apparently succeeded in his position as Abbot of St. John's/San Francisco by my former parish priest, Fr. Mel Webber. Aside from giving amazing sermons, Fr. Mel was a kind man who helped me cope (as a Sunday School teacher) with parish politics and gave me difficult truths about myself at times when I really needed them. The association with him gives me a very good feeling about Metropolitan Jonah. I need to feel good about the direction of my larger community.

Best of all, it seems that his installation might be at my current parish church - which is one of the national cathedrals of the OCA.

All of this, and a lovely dinner out for our anniversary (three years!) with [ profile] papertigers, too. She made a beautiful necklace for me. More about this in a separate post.


Nov. 12th, 2007 03:27 pm
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Sore throat, exhaustion, weakness, the occasional cough. [ profile] papertigers and I both have the Plague. She is being a goddess among mortals and making me cream of wheat and tea. I could kiss her. Of course, that is how I got the Plague in the first place. Boy was it worth it, though.

Today is our anniversary. You can ask for her opinion on the matter, but for my part, I have to say I am really glad I found her. Happy anniversary, [ profile] papertigers, and here's to many more.


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