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We signed a lease today! We also helped a little while J&J (previous tenants of our new apartment) moved, and in the process met someone who offered us a place to stay near Avignon, should we ever visit France (and visiting France is definitely in the plans - I love France and [ profile] papertigers has never been) and three of our new neighbors. One of them made plans to bake us bread and come eat cookies with us when we move in; one has offered to help us move in; and the third will spread the word of our arrival to neighborhood children for Halloween purposes.

Yes, I know, you can hear my biological clock ticking through your computer. It's truly apalling.

In other news, I went to do some secret errands yesterday... took the car and got some boxes in the process. Afterwards, I showed up at [ profile] papertigers and [ profile] klaughingbrook's place of employment, which is a Montessori school. I was Montessori educated myself (from age 2 to almost age 6) and it was the best experience of my life. As a result, I both adore and am completely in awe of the teachers at that school. It makes me very shy. I've had enough contact with the director to lose my awe of her, but the other two teachers who returned from last year... well....

So I dropped by their classroom to say hi and tell them about my super-secret errand. They commented on how cute it was that [ profile] papertigers and I talk alike, and how sweet we are together, etc. - all rather personal and even more embarrassing. So later, when I was sitting in the lobby reading my book, one of them came (we'll call her C) came to check some files and I said, "You know I'm scared to death of you, right?" and explained about being shy.

Well, later, when C was on her way out, I mentioned it again and said that I wasn't allowed to be scared of her anymore now that she knew it, and my girlfriend whispered in her ear, "She has a little bit of a crush on you," which made me blush and run away and hide behind my sister. I was terribly embarrassed. At least she did not say the same thing to E, who is shy and who I have a bigger crush on than C simply because we're both shy, so the awe won't be going away for a while.


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