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We are moving. It's been a little over two years here, and we've liked it, but there is still no light in our kitchen, no word on when there might be, and it's time to go.

We are moving to a cute complex near a Metro and bus lines, right next door to a secondhand book warehouse, walking distance to Trader Joe's and Target and the best empanadas I've had on this coast. It's a one-bedroom, which means we can save a little money for a wedding.

I have become obsessed with boxes. I must procure boxes! Every day! If I don't procure boxes, I may go insane! Shoppers keeps telling us to call them at different times, and speak to different people, and they keep being the wrong times and the wrong people. DC liquor stores no longer give boxes away because of the new 5 cent charge per bag. They circumvent the bag law by boxing things instead.

I had more luck with Montgomery Co. liquor stores and hope to have even more luck later. I had luck with two Safeways as well. At one, I got good strong little boxes, and at another, large banana boxes for hauling things that are not very heavy.

If anyone has boxes come in that they might want to donate to the Cause, let me know. I am becoming unpleasantly obsessive and feel that I will soon count a day wasted that does not see me coming home with a carload of boxes.
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Our internet isn't going to be up here until Monday; in the meantime, one of our neighbors has wireless with no password protection. Phew.

We planned to do all the moving today, but many people didn't show and all but one showed three hours or more late. So... we got everything out of the old place today, and are getting everything in to the new place tomorrow. Which means that [ profile] papertigers and I are on the floor tonight, and there isn't any chance of getting to church in the morning. :( On the other hand, we've been really lucky. One of our helpers from today is coming back tomorrow along with several friends and neighbors. One of our new neighbors gave us the most beautiful fresh-baked loaf of bread with a braiding pattern on top. She's wonderful, as are all the neighbors we have met so far.

Camping in your own place is interesting. I did some laundry, without much in the way of sorting, because our clothing supply is short. Luckily, we'd gone to Kmart today and found my favorite shampoo on sale and my girlfriend's favorite body wash at a good price... we would have bought the body wash anyway, but my shampoo was an impulse buy. And when you desperately need a shower and most of the shower stuff is loaded into a U-Haul... well, let's just say you tend to appreciate the impulse buys a lot more.

The cats are beginning to come out of their shells a little bit. The Nikki Giovanni cat, who spent most of the day in her carrier or the one next to it, has eaten and is now exploring. The Miles Davis cat hasn't eaten, but he is having fun exploring the blinds, and we were never as worried about him anyway. He complains a lot, but he's usually OK.

I am tired to death, and my back aches. Thank heavens we found a blanket and a couple of sheets, and I didn't use the pillows to cushion delicate stuff because we had plenty of wrapping stuff (thank you, Freecycle lady!), so those are here too. The rest of the bedding is in the truck!
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We signed a lease today! We also helped a little while J&J (previous tenants of our new apartment) moved, and in the process met someone who offered us a place to stay near Avignon, should we ever visit France (and visiting France is definitely in the plans - I love France and [ profile] papertigers has never been) and three of our new neighbors. One of them made plans to bake us bread and come eat cookies with us when we move in; one has offered to help us move in; and the third will spread the word of our arrival to neighborhood children for Halloween purposes.

Yes, I know, you can hear my biological clock ticking through your computer. It's truly apalling.

In other news, I went to do some secret errands yesterday... took the car and got some boxes in the process. Afterwards, I showed up at [ profile] papertigers and [ profile] klaughingbrook's place of employment, which is a Montessori school. I was Montessori educated myself (from age 2 to almost age 6) and it was the best experience of my life. As a result, I both adore and am completely in awe of the teachers at that school. It makes me very shy. I've had enough contact with the director to lose my awe of her, but the other two teachers who returned from last year... well....

So I dropped by their classroom to say hi and tell them about my super-secret errand. They commented on how cute it was that [ profile] papertigers and I talk alike, and how sweet we are together, etc. - all rather personal and even more embarrassing. So later, when I was sitting in the lobby reading my book, one of them came (we'll call her C) came to check some files and I said, "You know I'm scared to death of you, right?" and explained about being shy.

Well, later, when C was on her way out, I mentioned it again and said that I wasn't allowed to be scared of her anymore now that she knew it, and my girlfriend whispered in her ear, "She has a little bit of a crush on you," which made me blush and run away and hide behind my sister. I was terribly embarrassed. At least she did not say the same thing to E, who is shy and who I have a bigger crush on than C simply because we're both shy, so the awe won't be going away for a while.


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