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Nikki is doing better. They don't think it's cancer. They think it's inflammatory laryngitis. When we saw her tonight she was ALL OVER US. Leaving her was most incredibly hard, but she can't come home until she can eat and drink on her own. She can purr audibly again! (She was trying yesterday but clearly not getting enough air to actually purr.)

Vince is getting a biopsy tomorrow, rather than a week from tomorrow. This means that he will have results sooner (they're trying to figure out where it is and EXACTLY what kind it is), which means that the doctors will know what they're dealing with sooner. My cousin Piper, who is a pediatric oncologist (and therefore knows about cancer), has recommended a doctor and is making sure he's getting the right treatment. And his girlfriend is coming in to town this week (she's living in Oregon, he's in California) to offer support.

Back to the ol' routine tomorrow. Might even have a Nikki Giovanni back tomorrow night. I am so relieved. I feel like I've lost 50 years.
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Late Sunday night, I learned that my cousin, Vince Capaldi (whose name I am posting here because I want people praying for him, please), has a rare form of bone cancer. His 21st birthday is tomorrow. I remember the first time I saw him, a tiny little blond baby at the family Christmas Eve gathering. I thought he was named after me (I didn't know at the time that all the Jims in the family, his father included, were actually Vincents). My affection for him has not waned since, though we see each other at most once a year.

Anyone who wants to write to him can, at:

Vince Capaldi
c/o Discovery Church
580 E. Easy St.
Simi Valley, Ca 93065

Also, Nikki is indeed very, very ill. She has a mass in her throat and is currently at the veterinary hospital. (Please see [ profile] papertigers's post for more details.) Both of us woke up this morning crying. I am glad that today is a "testing day" and I won't have to present much to my classes, because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to. Not feeling particularly functional at the moment.


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