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...And I mean Christians. I know a lot of you aren't that, so Pagans and Jews and Muslims and so on, please feel free to disregard this message. Thank you.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Christ is among us! What a wonderful message that is. What an amazing greeting. 2000 years ago, our God became man and he just can't stop loving us long enough to leave us.

Why aren't we focusing on that? This has been a really, really hard week for me, as a Christian, as an Orthodox Christian, as an openly lesbian Orthodox Christian, hell, as a Democrat who is an openly lesbian Orthodox Christian. First, there were some declarations made that my political beliefs were essentially "un-Christian." Then, there was a suggestion (made by one of our Western brethren) that because I reject the idea that God is knowable by the pure exercise of reason, I am "heterodox." Next, a whole barrage of attacks on the idea that one could be 1) gay and 2) Christian. It was put more subtly than that (one can apparently not have gay sex and be Christian), but it devolved into how-could-you-be-such-a-sinner-land (not my favorite vacation spot). Then there was the whole "Obama is Satan" thing going around. Really, I've had about enough.

Can we get back to what this is really about, please? Isn't it about prayer, sharing our lives with the people on this crazy planet, looking at everyone as though he or she were a small piece of God, and treating them with that kind of respect? I'm not saying I'm great at any of this, but isn't this how we should be looking at each other, too, as Christians?

I'm feeling beaten about, honestly, and far too emotionally injured to carry on. I need a little dose of Jesus at the moment. You know, the guy who loved me so much he couldn't bear not to create me. Him.

I'm completely fed up, folks. I need a break from my own people, and I'm really, really unhappy about that. Heck, I had a break - couldn't go to church for three weeks because I couldn't stand up and there was no one to carry me in. This was my welcome back.

So any of that love translated into human terms would be completely acceptable right now.


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In celebration of the inauguration of our 44th President, I present:

(with thanks to my godmother).

The Benediction was truly beautiful, and left me with a great feeling of peace.
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Protodeacon Paul Weyrich fell asleep in the Lord today.

He was a man who was sometimes cruel to many people, myself included (both in person and in the abstract). But, perhaps because I've met him, I have a hard time seeing him in such stark and simple terms. I believe that he tried to be a good person much of the time, and I hope that he has gained, through death, a deeper understanding of himself, of the world, and of God.

May his memory be eternal.


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:24 pm
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Feb. 12th, 2008 08:24 am
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To DC, Maryland, and Virginia: I have voted... have you?
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For those of you who have seen Disney's Aladdin, just look at the picture on this page. Putin = Jafar.



Feb. 6th, 2008 09:10 am
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I am finding that not breathing because my lungs are aching and I'm wheezing and coughing is somewhat more pleasant than not breathing because my head is stuffed up. My head is about 60% clear now. I actually slept some last night. Fever is still high, though.

And hooray to Barack Obama for closing the gap last night! "Our time has come," indeed!


Jan. 19th, 2008 08:36 pm
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Obama actually won Nevada - not in the popular vote, but in delegates, getting 13 delegates to Clinton's 12.

The current total delegates apportioned to each: Obama 38, Clinton 36.

It's a tight race, people.
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To Benazir Bhutto, first woman to lead a Muslim nation: may her memory be eternal.


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