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Late summer is a strange time. The weather is more like Los Angeles than the Mid-Atlantic. Days are warm. Nights are cool, breezy, and relatively dry. Some of the trees are just starting to change - including the very top of one maple. I'm worried about my life and the months ahead.

I just received a wonderful email full of great advice from a friend. We've worked together in the past. We have similar backgrounds. I'm amazed that people can see me in such a positive light. I'm grateful to be liked so much as well.

Last night, for reasons that I don't understand, I was overcome with terror when I got off the Metro. I could hardly stand to walk home, and walked as quickly as possible. When I told her about it, [ profile] papertigers offered to meet me at White Flint when I get off work tonight. That wouldn't have even occurred to me.

I am lucky to be surrounded by thoughtful people.
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Happy new year, everyone.

I worked today. There were few students, but I hope the ones who were in class got a lot out of it, for all that.

I've been thinking about 2009 as a year ever since [ profile] melebeth mentioned something about its not being so good.

She's right. I started the year with a sprained ankle that acted like a fractured ankle. There have been health problems for me and mine - everything from cancer to bad teeth. There have been emotional upheavals. There have been family upheavals. There was even a fire.

Still, I will say that some things have gone well. I've continued to learn just how valuable my friends and (extended) family are. I've learned, too, just how strong the support of my Family-of-Choice is. [ profile] papertigers and I have drawn closer together, and (not coincidentally) I have grown a lot less emotionally dependent on her. I have been lucky in many ways. I still have blessings to count when anxiety tries to keep me awake.

Tomorrow, we will continue our Christmas celebrations with [ profile] scooterbird and [ profile] efbq's oldest, redheaded child. (Though I suppose, at 16, she is almost not a child anymore!)

Tonight, we have a clean house and Christmas carols on the stereo, good food, and cute cats. We are going to have a quiet and relaxed New Year's celebration with just the five of us (two humans, three cats). That is my favorite way to mark the change of the year. I feel good about this. May 2010 be a year of blessings and favors, joy and goodness for everyone who is reading this.


May. 8th, 2009 11:05 am
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The second phase of spring is here. It was rainy for a full week, but this morning the sun was shining. I went out to water my plants, only to find that a transformation had taken place. My alyssums had begun to bloom before the rain (in one of the pots - I have several of alyssums), but now the campanula is on the very cusp of blooming, too. I expect an open flower by the time I get home. The wildflowers that hardly bloomed at all last year are showing multiple buds, as are the daisies. The roses can't be far behind. Many of the snapdragons are already bigger than they ever got last year. Nothing was blooming last May; now I have half a garden! I will be planting nasturtiums and sunflowers this weekend, and then everything will be planted and ready to go. I'm doing better on weeding this year, too. It's amazing how many weeds a container garden on the third floor can get.

The flowers are almost all off the trees. They have been replaced by the brightest leaves you ever saw - they practically glow in the dark. The early bulbs are done, and the summer bulbs are coming in (except for mine - they got frosted this year by the late snow). This morning was truly pleasant; it was warm without being hot as well as bright and sunny. I have decided that every season is my favorite time of year.


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