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As tired as I am of snow, this comment on the Washington Post Capital Weather Gang blog cracked me up:

fellow snow dancers,
should we synchronize our dances? do the gods monitor that? or are they more concerned about the quantity/quality/intensity of dance?

A good question.
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We've been trapped in the house, more or less, since Friday afternoon. We went out to CVS (about a half block away) on Saturday; I've shoveled snow (and enjoyed it tremendously); there have been games and movies; we built a snowman; we even had an "I'm sick to death of being shut in"-type fight.

For the past week or so, I've been contemplating asking [ profile] papertigers to marry me - asking sooner, rather than later. True, her engagement gift was not perfectly complete, but I've been working on it for two years now and it has been exceptionally hard to track down Nikki Giovanni for the purpose of autographing a book. Today, I decided to simply do it. I've been snowed in with [ profile] papertigers (and the kittens) for five days, and neither of us has killed each other - in fact, we still love each other a whole lot. So after we briefly discussed DC marriage and what we would do if we got married, I simply went into the bedroom, got the book, hid it behind my back, ignored the trembling in my core, and asked her to marry me.

She laughed for a bit first. Then she said yes, and I immediately felt much better.

[ profile] scooterbird, [ profile] efbq, and their girls spent part of the afternoon squealing at us, as is their right. It was a happy thing. After all, if I have to get snowed in, there's really no one I'd rather be snowed in with than [ profile] papertigers.
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I walked to the grocery store today. While I was there, I was thinking of the reason we buy 1% milk. I like whole milk and [ profile] papertigers likes nonfat. Therefore, 1%. The store was a mob scene, and almost impossible to get to even though we only live a block away. Going to, I had to run out into a four-lane street because the sidewalks are piled with 3-7 feet of snow (depending on where). I came back the long way round, via CVS and the Great Slope of Ice. It's amazing to be so near everything, yet so cut off.

When I came back, I spent some more time chipping ice off the sidewalks, with moderate success. I managed to clear the sidewalk from our building basically to the driveway. I got only a few feet chipped off below our building, though. The ice there is two inches thick and constant across the entire area. There is no place where it is melted or broken or a little damaged. It is like very slippery rock. Three feet was an accomplishment, all things considered.

Cheese Fare is coming on Sunday. [ profile] papertigers is spoiling me with pizza, macaroni and cheese, Honey Bunches of Oats with pecans, and other delicacies. I am very lucky.

Hard Winter

Feb. 8th, 2010 02:04 pm
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I'm beginning to think this winter really is the winter of 1880-81. We're expecting another big storm tomorrow - perhaps 10-14 inches of snow on top of the 2 1/2 feet that we got this weekend. I love snow, but I'm good and sick of being stuck in it. It's beginning to depress me. I'm trying hard, I really am, but I'd love to be able to be gloomy at a cafe or something.

We built a snowman yesterday. He looks splendid out there, grinning and white. He really needs a hat, but we don't have one for him, so he'll have to manage with a blue lei we got last year at the Arlington County Fair. I made snow candy today - the Laura Ingalls Wilder recipe, snow + boiled molasses and sugar. [ profile] papertigers said it made her teeth ache!

The cats are loving having us home. We are tired of being here, though.
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This is really gorgeous weather, from a purely aesthetic perspective. Practically speaking, of course, it's caused a lot of trouble. Many areas of our complex have lost power (entirely coincidentally, I might add - the transformers blew - but rather unfairly, too, it seems). It's very cold outside, and those people have to stay in or risk some very bad roads to keep warm. I am worried about them. I hope the hypothermia van is also doing its job, even though the roads are so treacherous. The homeless suffer so very much in this sort of weather.

We went to CVS at about 11 this morning. The clerk there had been on the job since 11 the night before. He can't get home, and no one can get there to relieve him, and there is no way for him to get any sleep (or hot tea - if we tried to bring him some, it would be freezing by the time it got to him). It's 8 p.m. now. I hope he has taken advantage of the somewhat-plowed condition of the roads. I hope someone has come to take his place at work.

I can't begin to explain how lucky I feel that we have been relatively unharmed. [ profile] papertigers is a big advocate of keeping one's monkey butt home, and I guess she's right. It's no time to be out. (That said, I just took a lot of pictures to send to my nine-months'-pregnant sister in CA, who begged for some.)

The trees are laden with snow. The cars that haven't been dug out look like young mountains. Snow has even clung to the upright bars on our balcony and the bricks on the outer walls. Every path feels vaguely tunnel-like. The snow is piled well up to one's knees and (on a short person like me) past them.

I feel the beginnings of a cold coming on, but I am fighting it with tea and medication. Mostly I just feel stuffy-headed, which could just be the dry air.

Meat Fare is coming tomorrow. We had bacon this morning! What a delightful thing for one of my last meat days!
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It snowed a lot last night. I finished reading The Long Winter (believe it or not, some parts of the midwest got 11 feet of snow at a time in the winter of 1880-81). I had a cup of tea. I walked to CVS and back in the dark.

Today's Metro ride was incredibly beautiful. The trees were thickly coated with snow. Everything is beautiful when covered in snow. Even barbed wire is beautiful. The barbs glisten. They are rounded out and softened. I love the contrasts between the dark tree trunks, dark signs, dark fenceposts and the whiter-than-white snow. It was gorgeous, but even as I rode, the snow was slipping off the trees and chain-link fencing. The coating of snow is gone now. Much of the snow that was on the ground is gone, too, at least downtown (there's always more at home).

I love the way snow falls. It looks like the creation of the universe - or many universes. I love the way it feels under my boots. I love walking around in the snow. The air feels gentle, somehow. I'm sure this is partly because I'm a California girl, but I'd love to hear what others think. Canada? New England? Upstate New York? Do you guys still find snow this kind of beautiful?

We're in for another big storm this weekend - 13.7 inches of snow and 26 mph winds, last I checked. If the Metro is still open and by some foul chance we do not get [ profile] scooterbird and [ profile] efbq's offspring for the weekend, I may want to slip off to a museum on Saturday. Let me know if you want to join me.
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We spent an hour last night and an hour today clearing snow from the car and parking space. Part of the problem was that we didn't have anywhere to put it. It was fun shoveling all that snow. Despite the late start liturgy, I didn't manage to get to church (it's pretty far for this kind of driving). I did manage to make promised Christmas treat gifts for [ profile] tostita and [ profile] obscurerichard and their family (and some extras for us). Tomorrow, though, I'm going to build a snowman and slide down the hill. All this in addition to making a really good sauce and home-made ravioli, plus pie, for Yule. I have wrapped [ profile] papertigers's presents already, so that's good.

We are going to be having a Very African Christmas. [ profile] papertigers requested maaro e liddi (which I will serve with more veggies than typical, because I have access to them, whereas most Africans do not). I am going to make some bissap to go with it because I found dried hibiscus flowers and I love bissap. She will make sweet potato pie for dessert (I, of course, will compose the crust). Not exactly your traditional turkey and stuffing, but I think it's a meal we will both enjoy very much.

We haven't decided whether to go to midnight or morning Liturgy on Christmas. That will depend on other people's plans and the weather. At any rate, it's shaping up to be a lovely, quiet holiday at home.


Jan. 17th, 2008 10:45 pm
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Those of you who remember this post from last year will be gratified to know that I have once again built a snow man... this one on a slightly larger scale:

EDIT: For an even better picture, including better scale, and a more full description of the building process, please take a look at this entry from [ profile] papertigers.
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It's snowing. I got a snow day - my afternoon classes were cancelled. I've been cleaning the house, doing some Christmas set-up, and listening to carols. The snow is so beautiful. I wish it would stick around, but I know it won't. Rain is predicted for Friday.

Still, waking up in my girl's arms, and then seeing the snow on the ground, having hot apple cider from the local farmer who has a little shop up the street, looking at the lights on the (as yet untrimmed) Christmas tree, and having time to cuddle with Nikki, that's what qualifies as a good day to me.

St. Nicholas Day is tomorrow - one of my favorite celebrations, mostly because I love the special feast-day tropar (which is a song about the life of a saint or a feast day).

Happy Hannukah to all of you out there celebrating the Maccabee rebellion. May the lights shine a little brighter in every house tonight.
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I built a snowman:

Of course, he's very small:


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