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Last week was some kind of week. I always shock myself into Lent because it's much easier to cope if I'm hardest on myself at the beginning. It was a good, strong week, amazing really, but it ended with me being a lot hormonal and a little depressed. This week I'm letting up on myself a little, still following the Lenten discipline but being a little less hard on myself. So far, so good.

What works: Having a to-do list, concentrating on prayer, limiting access to novels to Sundays, cooking rather than buying vegan convenience foods, Presanctified Liturgy.

What isn't working as well: Keeping the cheerfulness I felt during the first week, motivating myself when I am exhausted, limiting sugar intake to dark chocolate only (soy milk really NEEDS to be sweetened), being strict enough on myself to get EVERYTHING done.

To an extent, I think I bit off a little too much at the beginning, but I guess that's what the beginning is for; after that, you know what your limits will be for the season, and know how much leeway to give yourself. [ profile] papertigers is, as always, hypersupportive. She made dinner tonight, and even remembered not to use bacon grease. She has been great at not nagging me and letting me have the space for extra added prayer. I hope, in return, she sees some small improvements in the operation of daily life, in the way I treat her and others, and I hope I learn even more to show her the kinds of consideration she needs, rather than just the kinds I'm good at showing.

I went to a networking event tonight. It was highly successful. There may even be jobs as an outcome, if I am good and if I sell myself well. I am not good at selling myself. Still, I definitely need the work. Send me the prayers, good thoughts, etc.

Also, if anyone is local and wants to send used toys, clothes, shoes, or school supplies in good condition (for kids aged 5-17) to orphans and foster children in Belarus, please let me know. I will even come by and collect stuff from you, and maybe we can have a cup of tea and hang out for a bit.


Jan. 14th, 2009 06:23 pm
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Today, I stood outside in the cold a few minutes waiting for [ profile] papertigers. She hadn't been late to pick me up before, so I thought she must have gotten distracted by something. When she arrived, she apologized and said she'd been in the bathroom. She helped me up the stairs and told me to sit on the couch. Then she brought out a huge pot of tea and a plate of all different kinds of cookies.

We had our tea and talked, and then we snuggled and I took a nap.

Between that and finding out that the bill for my xray is only $70, and that I might qualify for financial help for that bill, I have had a really, really good afternoon.

Did I mention that [ profile] papertigers has been waiting on me for more than two weeks now? I'm astonished that she isn't good and sick of it all.


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