Feb. 6th, 2010

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This is really gorgeous weather, from a purely aesthetic perspective. Practically speaking, of course, it's caused a lot of trouble. Many areas of our complex have lost power (entirely coincidentally, I might add - the transformers blew - but rather unfairly, too, it seems). It's very cold outside, and those people have to stay in or risk some very bad roads to keep warm. I am worried about them. I hope the hypothermia van is also doing its job, even though the roads are so treacherous. The homeless suffer so very much in this sort of weather.

We went to CVS at about 11 this morning. The clerk there had been on the job since 11 the night before. He can't get home, and no one can get there to relieve him, and there is no way for him to get any sleep (or hot tea - if we tried to bring him some, it would be freezing by the time it got to him). It's 8 p.m. now. I hope he has taken advantage of the somewhat-plowed condition of the roads. I hope someone has come to take his place at work.

I can't begin to explain how lucky I feel that we have been relatively unharmed. [livejournal.com profile] papertigers is a big advocate of keeping one's monkey butt home, and I guess she's right. It's no time to be out. (That said, I just took a lot of pictures to send to my nine-months'-pregnant sister in CA, who begged for some.)

The trees are laden with snow. The cars that haven't been dug out look like young mountains. Snow has even clung to the upright bars on our balcony and the bricks on the outer walls. Every path feels vaguely tunnel-like. The snow is piled well up to one's knees and (on a short person like me) past them.

I feel the beginnings of a cold coming on, but I am fighting it with tea and medication. Mostly I just feel stuffy-headed, which could just be the dry air.

Meat Fare is coming tomorrow. We had bacon this morning! What a delightful thing for one of my last meat days!


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