Apr. 26th, 2010

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We are moving. It's been a little over two years here, and we've liked it, but there is still no light in our kitchen, no word on when there might be, and it's time to go.

We are moving to a cute complex near a Metro and bus lines, right next door to a secondhand book warehouse, walking distance to Trader Joe's and Target and the best empanadas I've had on this coast. It's a one-bedroom, which means we can save a little money for a wedding.

I have become obsessed with boxes. I must procure boxes! Every day! If I don't procure boxes, I may go insane! Shoppers keeps telling us to call them at different times, and speak to different people, and they keep being the wrong times and the wrong people. DC liquor stores no longer give boxes away because of the new 5 cent charge per bag. They circumvent the bag law by boxing things instead.

I had more luck with Montgomery Co. liquor stores and hope to have even more luck later. I had luck with two Safeways as well. At one, I got good strong little boxes, and at another, large banana boxes for hauling things that are not very heavy.

If anyone has boxes come in that they might want to donate to the Cause, let me know. I am becoming unpleasantly obsessive and feel that I will soon count a day wasted that does not see me coming home with a carload of boxes.


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