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This was quite a weekend.

On Saturday, we moved Sean and Carol.

On Sunday, we went to Ikea and grilled food.

Today, I did Things With Cars (preparatory to selling our car to a certain redhead), vacuumed a bit, got the laundry done, bought hardware, and helped set up curtains and shelves and nets so that we unpacked a bit more, and the new place is looking a bit more like home. That's the part that makes all of this worthwhile. the bathroom suddenly looks less crowded and less industrial. the living room looks brighter and warmer. The bedroom has some floor space at last. Every little bit done is a little bit less stress for us.

The temperatures hit 98 here today, with hotter weather to come in the next few, and two more days of Code Red air quality. This means that I'll be taking the bus to the Metro instead of walking for a couple of days. [ profile] papertigers is going to pick me up in the evenings.

Miles is lying on the couch next to me, an exhausted heap of cuteness. Cats are good for the soul.

Other things I find good for the soul include: giving compliments, helping people find the Metro or the zoo or some other location, watching silly British television, cooking, and hard work for a good cause. Tiredness can be good.
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We had a hellish four-day weekend of it. Each day felt like a century; at the end of the day, we found ourselves referring to that morning as "yesterday." We are moved in now and very, very slowly unpacking. The kitchen is about 70% unpacked. We have rearranged the furniture slightly once and not slightly once. The cats have basically settled in, and are even staying out of trouble for the most part.

I inhaled a lot of different kinds of evil dust: potting soil, mulch made from Feline Pine kitty litter, plastic, even Roach Prufe, and the effects on my respiratory system have been bothersome. I can't breathe well; I cough a lot.

I expect that the walk to and from the Metro every day will help me to establish and maintain an exercise routine that suits me better. I like having a little time to walk and contemplate in the morning.

We had upwards of 32 boxes of books. Most of these were banana boxes, apple boxes, and flower boxes, which are fairly large.

Good shelves, appropriately placed, are helping us to squeeze into this smaller space.

I am still very, very tired.
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I love Freecycle. I love, love, love, love Freecycle. You don't have to haul your things out to the thrift store. You get to meet the people who need and want your old things. You get, really, the double pleasure of giving things away and having fewer things. It's wonderful.

We have been using Freecycle a lot lately, as we are moving on Thursday to a much smaller place.

It's Mothers' Day. Today after church, I brought Myra an azalea (actually two azaleas, one pink and one white) for us to plant. That way, two of our earliest-blooming spring plants will be hers and we'll have a nice show on the patio. I also brought bacon and biscuits and blood orange Italian soda, so we had a nice little brunch at home. We spent a good part of Mothers' Day at the Old Country Buffet in Gaithersburg because S., C., & Z. were there, along with a moderate portion of the V. family in general. Several were out-of-towners. It was a good time. Z. learned my name; we drove them home since their hotel is near where we live, and at the end of the night, I said, "You're going to go to bed with Mummy and Daddy now," and Z. replied, "And [ profile] papertigers!" She started to doze against my shoulder and was quite reluctant to let her mother take her. I tried to steal her, but they're going to the hospital for S.'s radiation tomorrow, and C. needs to have her baby with her, understandably enough.

I did not call my mother, but this is only unusual in the sense that I am with [ profile] papertigers (who always made me call my mother in years past). Before that, I never called my mother. My mother vocally scorns Mothers' Day as a commercial holiday designed to force people to spend money.

Overall, a nice break from the endless round of packing stuff up. Back to the salt mines tomorrow.
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We are moving. It's been a little over two years here, and we've liked it, but there is still no light in our kitchen, no word on when there might be, and it's time to go.

We are moving to a cute complex near a Metro and bus lines, right next door to a secondhand book warehouse, walking distance to Trader Joe's and Target and the best empanadas I've had on this coast. It's a one-bedroom, which means we can save a little money for a wedding.

I have become obsessed with boxes. I must procure boxes! Every day! If I don't procure boxes, I may go insane! Shoppers keeps telling us to call them at different times, and speak to different people, and they keep being the wrong times and the wrong people. DC liquor stores no longer give boxes away because of the new 5 cent charge per bag. They circumvent the bag law by boxing things instead.

I had more luck with Montgomery Co. liquor stores and hope to have even more luck later. I had luck with two Safeways as well. At one, I got good strong little boxes, and at another, large banana boxes for hauling things that are not very heavy.

If anyone has boxes come in that they might want to donate to the Cause, let me know. I am becoming unpleasantly obsessive and feel that I will soon count a day wasted that does not see me coming home with a carload of boxes.


Sep. 14th, 2007 12:21 pm
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Those of you who are not also friends of [ profile] papertigers should read this post. Please note that the "usual bribe" is pizza and either beer or the non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.



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